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On this page we will post all news about the club, matches, results etc.

Tuesday, 29 Nov 2011

Specimen fish and mixed bags for many this year on the river Aire.

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Further Barbel and Chub stocking for Keighley Angling Club.

500 further Barbel were stocked at Kildwick on the 18th November by the EA. A further stocking of larger Barbel and Chub were then stocked on the 25th of November .This second stocking of fish was provided with funds from "Western division" cid_0fd9484d-7ac7-4343-b320-990a82c7e04d.jpg cid_078f38c4-05bc-4879-8c73-16598cbb7dbb.jpg cid_dda77fc3-f43e-411f-bf16-ab5b057994af.jpg

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Friday, 18 Nov 2011

Barbel Stocking 2012. Keep an eye out for more details

Representatives from Keighley Angling Club Committee were at Kildwick (2011) to meet the latest arrivals for the River Aire on the clubs stretches.500 barbel were stocked at approximatley 12 noon. The barbel were approximatley 5" to 6" long and again can be identified by a green spot put onto their heads by the EA.

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Monday, 17 Oct 2011

***********Life Memberships now available ************

For a limited time only Life membership of the club is available for £250. This offer is for a limited time only and is only available via Mr D Freeman who can be contacted on 01535663695.

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