Angling in Keighley and the Worth Valley

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Keighley Angling Club Rules

1. That the Club shall be known as "The Keighley Angling Club, and the subscription to the club shall be to see fees Click Here

2. Any Adult member may take one under 10 years old free. All under 10's must be accompanied by an adult. If the Adult is a non-member he os she must first purchase a day ticket or a club card, before going fishing.
2a. Disabled Anglers may be granted reduced membership fee on application to Club Secretary by letter

3. The Committee to have discretionary power to refuse admission to any person, also power to grant free tickets to aged persons being anglers and to grant ticket to any person they think fit.
3a. Should the conduct of any member be in the Committee injurious to the interest and character of the club, the committee after a fair hearing shall be empowered to expel any member, but not unless agreed by at least three forth's of the committee specially summoned for that purpose. The voting to be by ballot and not a show of hands. In the event of any member or members breaking Club rules the person or persons involved will be asked to apear before the Committee and the Committee will decide after hearing the full facts what action to take.

4. Trout fishing will begin 25th Match and to trminate 30th September. Course fishing to begin 16th June and to terminate 14th March.

5. Only the following fish may be taken:
Trout 12 inch in season, Grayling 12 inch in season, Members are requested to be careful with Trout and to unhook most carefully. Limit TWO Trout per day.

6. Members are not allowed without permission of the landlord, to take dogs or guns onto all waters, and anyone infringing this rule is liable to be expelled from the Club.

7. All angling in meadows to be discontinued from 1st May until mowing of grass. any member infringing this rule renders himself liable for any damage caused, and may on complaint from the farmer, be expelled from the club.

This is just the first part of the club rules, Rules in full are printed in the Members Card which is issued when you are made a member.